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All starts with the Agave Tequilana Weber Blue variety, one of the noblest and most prestigious plants in the Mexican culture and landscape. Millions of these unique plants are part of our Agave fields and in every harvest cycle, with dedication our harvesters (jimadores) take care of them, their perseverance is transformed into art at the moment when they tenaciously harvest ‘jiman’ the Agave.

The transformation of the Blue Agave

We always look for the quality of our products and efficiency, focusing on having a making process with the highest technology in equipment.

Agave Syrup making process



of production plant area.

tons per day,

Agave milling capacity.

tons per month,

installed capacity to produce Agave Syrup.

We take care of the smallest detail in the making of our solutions!

Laboratory 1

Physicochemical and microbiological analyses are generated during the process.

Laboratory 2

The profile of the finished product is analyzed and it is our center of innovation.

In addition to carrying out internal analyses, our solutions are backed up by the international laboratories Intertek, Eurofins, and QSI, which guarantee the reliability of our results.

Let´s take together the nobleness of Agave worldwide.

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